the master told him to say Aleph

he Arabic Gospel of The Infancy of The Saviour:- Part 18:- 47. At another time, when Jesus was returning home with Joseph in the evening. He met a boy, who ran up against Him with so much force that He fell. And Jesus said to him: As thou hast thrown me down, so thou shall fall and not rise again. And the same hour the boy fell down, and expired. 48. There was, moreover, at Jerusalem, a certain man named Zacchaeus, who taught boys. He said to Joseph: Why, O Joseph, dost thou not bring Jesus to me to learn his letters? Joseph agreed to do so, and reported the matter to the Lady Mary. They therefore took Him to the master; and he, as soon as he saw Him, wrote out the alphabet for Him, and told Him to say Aleph. And when He had said Aleph, the master ordered Him to pronounce Beth. And Jesus said to him: Tell me first the meaning of the letter Aleph, and then I shall pronounce Beth. And when the master threatened to flog Him, Jesus explained to him the meanings of the letters Aleph and Beth; also which figures …todo »

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